Episode 3


Diversity Champions

Ad agency executive Carl Desir and brewery owner Katarina Martinez sit down to discuss the different forms that “diversity” can take in the creative and craft beer industries, how they advocate for inclusion and the penchant for 5-to-9 side hustles.

TL;DL Carl comes to terms with being an AARP millennial, while Katarina recounts getting a cease-and-desist letter from Beyoncé herself.


“The only way to do it is be representative. To be there. My main goal is to bring more women in. They see me. They think it's okay.”





Carl Desir

Once described as an “AARP Millennial” by a co-worker, Carl Desir resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with his wife, daughter and dog. He’s the Diversity & Inclusion Director at R/GA in NYC. Outside of his advertising job, Carl enjoys sous vide cooking, mixology, craft beer, taekwondo, soccer, kick boxing, basketball, podcasting, photography, paintball and other traditional millennial leisure activities. Whenever he gets the chance, Carl makes sure to drive slow cars fast and fast cars slow.

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Katarina Martinez

Katarina Martinez, 30, Brooklyn, is the brewmaster who defied stereotypes by opening up her own brewery in New York. After years working in engineering at various tech startups, she embarked on another career in a male-dominated industry—beer brewing. Now she is seen as a pioneer in the brewing industry. Martinez made huge headlines when she launched the Beyoncé-inspired Pilsner called Bïeryoncé and was shut down with a cease and-desist letter from Beyoncé herself. The beer has since been renamed: Kätariná.



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