Episode 2


The Resilient Generation

Cross-disciplinary designer Mollie Ruskin and former Democratic Congressional candidate (NY-9) Adem Bunkeddeko talk about wearing the millennial label as a point of pride, taking a stance on social issues, and being more civically engaged than ever as a generation because there’s a lot more at stake.

TL;DL Mollie explains how resistance went mainstream through the performative nature of our online lives. Adem believes what millennials have inherited is essentially a fixer-upper – one too many parties, windows smashed, and a lot of work left to do. They both still prefer cash over Bitcoin.


“The answer to why our generation is more active and more out there is because we have more at stake. We're queer, poor, brown, in student debt, we don't own homes and the economy works differently for us.”





Mollie Ruskin

Mollie Ruskin is an independent designer with roots in activism and social justice movements. She is a designer of many stripes—her design work ranges from deep qualitative user research to creative direction and visual design to UX, product and service design. Mollie serves on the board of the Alliance for Youth Action, a national network of organizations building political power of young people in the U.S and is a co-founder of Design Gigs for Good, a job board for designers looking to put their skills to work for world betterment.

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Adem Bunkeddeko

Adem Bunkeddeko is a longtime resident of Crown Heights. Through a career in public service--most recently running for Congress in Central Brooklyn—Adem Bunkeddeko has tried to pay forward the sacrifices his family made for him growing up. Adem’s parents are war refugees who fled Uganda’s turbulent civil war to seek sanctuary and opportunity in the United States. Adem is one of the first members of his family to graduate from college and earn a graduate degree. He received a B.A. from Haverford College, where he studied Political Science and Philosophy, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.




Jessie McGuire: Host
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Whitney Burnett: Co-Producer
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More than Instagram
and Avocado Toast.

#Millenniheirs is an original research project by ThoughtMatter and a second look at the most over-analyzed generation in history from the point of view of millennials themselves. Beyond the podcast, we’ve conducted video-based qualitative research and organized panel discussions for Social Media Week and the Flatiron 23rd Street BID’s Tech Tuesdays series.

We worked with Verbate to learn about the habits and opinions of millennials throughout the country. The results we gathered are now in “Grounded in the Groundlessness,” a research report that defies the standard white paper and brings our key insights to life.


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