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Optimistic Anti-Millennials

Graphic designer Jackson Green and public arts advocate Natalie Raben riff on their generation being snubbed before they even take the helm, inheriting a sense of community, and doing work that matters both personally and professionally.

TL;DL Jackson hopes to eventually start a practice and teach how design shapes the world around us. Natalie continues to pursue public art projects that connect artists with businesses. To them, Gen Z sounds like someone’s name, and La Croix is just angry water.


“Every generation, as time has gone on, has become more and more documented because of the prevalence of technology and the means to do so.”





Jackson Green

Jackson Green is a graphic and type designer originally from Philadelphia, PA. In addition to his work for design and branding agencies, fashion labels, and musical artists, he also produces extensive personal projects with the primary purpose of exploring the Explanatory Gap, or the chasm between statement and intention. When he's not busy drawing and arranging letters, Jackson spends much of his free time playing with dogs, where the difference between statement and intent doesn't matter as much as the chew toy being thrown about.

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Natalie Raben

Natalie Raben has been behind many of the public art projects on view in New York's Lower East Side, East Harlem, and Downtown Staten Island. In her work with the Lower East Side Partnership, she pioneered the 100 Gates Project which connects artists and businesses with original murals. For this, she raised over $250,000 and oversaw the installation of nearly 222 murals. Outside of public art projects, Natalie has also been behind a number of Lower East Side annual events and festivals including LES: Opening Night Art + Fashion and Pickle Day, a street fest that brings 30,000 pickle enthusiasts out for one major day. When not on Orchard Street, Natalie enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her Spotify Discover Weekly playlist.

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Jessie McGuire: Host
Shivani Gorle: Co-Producer
Whitney Burnett: Co-Producer
Chris O’Rourke: Theme music
Jurgen Miller: Editing & Sound engineering
ShowBriz Studios: Recording
Paul Windle & Julia Speller: Illustrations
Matty Brownell & Wednesday Krus: Website design



More than Instagram
and Avocado Toast.

#Millenniheirs is an original research project by ThoughtMatter and a second look at the most over-analyzed generation in history from the point of view of millennials themselves. Beyond the podcast, we’ve conducted video-based qualitative research and organized panel discussions for Social Media Week and the Flatiron 23rd Street BID’s Tech Tuesdays series.

We worked with Verbate to learn about the habits and opinions of millennials throughout the country. The results we gathered are now in “Grounded in the Groundlessness,” a research report that defies the standard white paper and brings our key insights to life.


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Check out our case study to see the full #Millenniheirs story.

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